Monday, 7 November 2016

The Power Of Social Media In Development And Advancement In Education

You cannot deny the power of social media in the field of education. As it is felt and suggested by Antony Gordon web has become a complicated and significant part of existence, as it was right from the beginning. You rely on it for your day to day activities like shopping, banking, traveling, security systems, maintaining social contacts and a plethora of associated activities. Education has also benefited a lot from it. The Internet and social media seems to be a major attraction and can be a blessing as well as curse depending on the way you use it. The basic rule should always be remembered that excess of anything is not good.
Particularly in the field of education social network is considered to be the most positive indicator for the advancement in the field of education and its practices. You cannot deny the negative influences of it either, but then every coin has two faces. Considering only the positive aspects of it in the field of education, it can be said that with the increased usage of social media and excessive navigation, students are getting more and more familiar with computer and its functionality. Their interest in this field of science is ever growing and gain valuable skills to use and operate this gadget which is indispensable in today’s life.
After their completion of studies, they find this practice to be extremely useful for the field that they might enter into and it also helps in networking and working together as a team with some people. This is extremely beneficial for working in the industry environment and also equally helpful for the managers and teachers as well. Through the social blogs, teachers can share teaching theories, ways for instruction and much more. In addition to it, teachers can also expand their learning approach, communicate with the students in tangible and real time, and work on better teaching on a regular basis outside the classrooms even.
Access to the internet for the purpose of education and learning can be a great source for information, known and unknown, for school and college students. You can get some websites sharing different kinds of information and opinions on the same topic. It diversifies your knowledge and enriches you in a bigger and better way. It is a great platform for doing extensive research on any topic and subject quickly and effectively. Finishing an assignment on time, retention of knowledge, multi-tasking and much more are facilitated by the internet.
Advancement in information and technology and the excessive use of it has affected student’s life directly both inside and outside the classroom. Eliminating the side effects of it, you can also get help on the go as the internet can also be accessed through various cellular and portable devices. But it all depends on your discipline and dedication on your study and not devoting unnecessary and unproductive time on it. With controlled and beneficial usage social media and the internet can be partners in teaching and learn to bring development and advancement in the field of education.     

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