Monday, 7 November 2016

5 reasons Why are whiteboard videos more powerful that other videos.

1.  Our brains contain something called Mirror Nuerons that fool us into thining that we are doing what we are watching. So when you watch a hand draw, your brain thinks you are doing the drawing. These mirror neurons seem to not only trigger physical reactions, but also engage us with the same emotions and intentions behind those actions.  So watching a whiteboard videos is like you are telling the story.
2. A recent study by a school of psychology in the UK showed that drawing the image of a specific item was more effective in helping someone to remember it. So, related back to reason number one, by watching the hand draw, it could be presumed that the memory is increase.  Another famous study confirmed this.
3. Items in Line drawings are recognized as fast a the same items in full color photos.  We don't need to see a real image or even color for the brain to understand what is being discuss. So a line drawing possible triggers a nueral response, giving you a fast way to tell a story with the only method of art. There is no need to make a sketch animation video with expensive real actors.
4. The brain is curious and wants to this completed.  It is constantly trying to fill in the blanks or create a answer.  So as the hand begins drawing, it begins guessing what the image is going to be. When it images is completed, the brain then rewards itself with some dopamine, causing even more focus and pleasure.  Now as the hand starts drawing the next image the mystery guessing reward cylcle continues.
5. Whiteboards are like time machines. When a custom whiteboard video starts people forget everything else.  In fact, people can rarely tell you how long the whiteboard video was they just watch because they lost track of time. The combined elements and effects of mirror neurons, increased memory, instant recognition, and guessing the drawing pulls them in and actives their full attention.
These are reasons why a sketch video is a must for businesses. At WebsiteTalkingHeads we focus on taking advantage of and doing our best to get the most out of these 5 cool reason why whiteboard video work.
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