Sunday, 6 November 2016

Carbon Black Masterbatch, Titanium White Masterbatch, Colour Masterbatch, Pipe Black Masterbatch - Yuyao Taida Chemical Industry

Yuyao Taida Chemical Industry co., LTD. Founded in 2006, is a company specializing in the production of high concentrations of masterbatch materials enterprises. Annual sales of black masterbatch, color masterbatch and filled masterbatch, masterbatch, 18000 tons .2010 new 5 production lines, used for agricultural film, water pipes, film bag, water supply pipe, rolling sheet, moulding, wire and cable, fiber spinning, etc.
Contact Us:
Address: No. 168,Tongze Road, Yuyao(315400),Zhejiang,China
Phone: +86-13958399760
Tel: +86-0574-58227985
Fax: +86-0574-58227986

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