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Payroll is the process by which an employer pays an employee for work performed by employer in any business .The moment you have an employee working for you performing any tasks for your business you as are an employer and you a responsibility to pay the employee correctly and on time. Payroll is the best way to compensate employees for their hard work ,and a way of showing appreciation for the value they provide to your help understand how payroll works listed below are some technical aspects such as
Paying your employer Regular wages with added incentive bonuses such as Medical and health insurance which is a way to leer in quality employers that add great value.Remember that paying employees directly saves hassle and this form of payment in wages is usually scheduled on the 15th or 30th of the month to make it easier for tracking purposes.
Employee taxes ,when running payroll you need to withhold income and  payroll taxi’s on employees and pay them according to their tax profiles.It’s good to know that your actual employees cost is more than the employee gross pay., It is gross pay plus employers taxes plus added expenses
Reporting to government is crucial as you need to report your payroll tax with holdings payment and employee statuses separately to state or federal government on a quarterly or yearly basis baring in mind the requirement of this is based on the size and type of business you own.
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