Sunday, 6 November 2016

Avail 10X Advantage Of Real Time Spectrum Analysis

You will need a good Real Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA) for processing RF signals very fast so that you do not miss any signal for the given bandwidth. It is also helpful in viewing the spectrum within the time domains and the frequency along with the density of the power spectral. You simply cannot deny the importance of RTSAs in dealing with signals which vary dynamically in amplitude and are also agile in frequency. You will also need if, for intermittent signals of short duration as the pulse radar system, pulse modulated radios and frequency hopping spread spectrum radios. It is also required for the multi-signal environment, jammers, bugs and various other unwanted and self-interfering signals. 
Cost effective research, monitoring and testing of wireless devices across all industries is now made easy by ThinkRF. With the help of the high-performance Real Time Spectrum Analyzers, you can now enjoy the advantage even better. You can use the patented radio technology which is defined by specific software and rest assured about the performance, portability and versatility. These are essentially needed for defense and aerospace programs, wireless service providers, system integrators and spectrum regulators. With the standard APIs and computer controlled architecture, you are guaranteed to get the best performance while dealing with agile and dynamic signals. 
When you use the WSA5000 Real Time Spectrum Analyzer, you can get a performance with a range of 27 GHz and an instantaneous bandwidth of one hundred MHz. The spectrum analyzer is compact and most cost effective as well which is a fraction of other bench top or PXIe systems. The SFDR or Spurious Free Dynamic Range is up to 100 dBc, and the probability of intercept is as less as 1.02 µs. With all these features you can make measurements remotely as well as locally with equal effectiveness. You can record the data on any local PC and then use the playback option to view it and therefore save the internet latency which provides you with better viewing as compared to the built in screens. 
When you want to decode signals for analysis you will have to use the Krypto500 Signal Decoding and Analysis Suite Datasheet. It will provide you with an in-depth knowledge and unequaled classification of RF signals. It can categorize more than three thousand signaling systems specifically along with the identification of the specific equipment and variants. You also come to know about the various sub-modes and specific users as well. Having more than twice the decoders in it and more being added each month it can successfully decode even the poorest signal with automatic and precise classification always using current modes.
If you deal with NB signals, then Krypto1000 is the best being the unique and current demodulator and decoder which are perfect for signals with wide band and greater than 48 kHz. These are best to work with VHF and SHF signals. It has the most comprehensive receiver controls and parsing tools to integrate the wideband signals seamlessly. The customized system can also provide you with the powerful user interface and most intuitive displays with high resolutions which will help you to collect, tune and decode signals with ease and to do a better job. 

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