Thursday, 12 May 2016

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is not only about making your teeth look good, but also about making them perform better.  Properly aligned teeth not only chew food more efficiently but some people suffer headaches that are actually brought on by problems with their teeth.  Good looking healthy teeth make you more confident with your smile and really do contribute a great deal to the way we are perceived.  TV presenters with lovely white teeth that are perfectly aligned come across as more friendly than others whose teeth have issues.  This is the reason why you rarely see a presenter with bad teeth, they view having good teeth as part of their job.
Brackenwood Cosmetic Dentistry based in Birmingham, UK, have patients all over the west-midlands area and some from much further afield.  The reason people travel to a cosmetic dentist who may not be on their doorstep is because when they find one who they are comfortable with, they tend to stick to them.  So a patient looking for a Cosmetic Dentist Solihull for example, may start treatment with Brackenwood and then move house for one reason or another but, they remain a patient of Brackenwood.   Many people are fearful of going to the dentist and so finding one who is not only exceptionally good at their job, but one who also understands that people are nervous and so need to be handled gently, both in respect of treatments and also the way they are spoken to, is a dentist to be valued.  Dr Gee Chatha, Principal entist at Brackenwood takes pride in the fact that they have many testimonials from patients who are not only ecstatic about the outcome of their cosmetic dental work, but also compliment Brackenwood on the caring nature and the manner in which treatment is provided.  Brackenwood is now well known for Cosmetic Dentistry Midlands so if you have any concerns about your teeth including the way they look, book a free, no obligation Consultation which will result in a treatment plan so you will know what work needs to be done.  Brackenwood discuss all the options with you as well as fully explaining why some treatments are necessary.  How is treatment paid for?  Well Brackenwood provides private treatment because many of their procedures are not available on the NHS but they do offer interest free finance to qualified patients.  Book a free no obligation Consultation today!

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