Sunday, 12 July 2015

The Use Of Online Purchase Portal And Global Sourcing

A lot of small businessmen and suppliers buy items from online portals at a lower rate and sell them in their stores at the market price. This way, they make a good margin of profit in the business. Many suppliers also buy necessary raw materials from these portals. Due to clear visibility and proper forecasting ability the suppliers can reduce their inventory cost. As for companies and other sellers they prefer online marketplace over local stores. In these online portals, they can have access to sales channels that break all geographical barriers and gives access to a wide range of customers.

There are various online b2b marketplaces available over the internet. The online b2b marketplace mainly focuses on public marketplaces and buyers. These marketplaces are also called hubs or purchasing portals. There are various types of these portals. Some sell directly to customers, whereas some caters to the demand of the suppliers.  The suppliers are the ones who buy goods from these portals, and sell them in the market. Nowadays, these portals are focusing more on these suppliers and the private marketplaces. These purchasing portals normally provide goods at a much cheaper rate than the going market price.

Every country needs to import and export goods on a regular basis. It is one of the sources that generate foreign money in the country. Some people have a business of selling items that are not produced in the country, so it is mandatory for them to import goods to continue doing business. The geological condition of a country doesn’t make it favorable for the cultivation of all types of agricultural items. So every country has to import necessary items that they are not capable of growing. In the same way, a country needs to export goods to other countries. It is why a country cannot function without import export of goods and services.

At first, the idea of global sourcing was more in-house. Now research is conducted on the aspects of its outsourcing activities. A global increase in the level of outsourcing activities has led to this shift. Global sourcing is a way to be cost efficient. A company always wants to minimize its overheads. Sometimes the cheapest material or manpower are available in other countries. The companies procure the items or hires manpower from foreign countries. It is known as outsourcing that has been made possible by the concept of global sourcing.

Global sourcing has made a huge impact on the world. Now any company can get anything they need from any part of the world. There are various portals that offer online platforms for companies all over the world to sell their goods worldwide. Even the wholesale business is getting popular on the internet. A lot of portals offer goods and products at wholesale rates to buyers all over the world. These portals ensure there are no middlemen involved in the selling process. Any bargaining can be made using online tools. This way the process is transparent and simple than in a store. You, as a business house stand to gain more from this tool.

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